Water Damage this Winter

Water Damage this Winter in the North East

water damage restorationIt has been a rough winter so far for much of the Northeastern United States. The temperatures have been frequently below freezing, there has been a lot of snow, and because of the low temperatures, the snow hasn’t been melting.

While this is great for skiers, snowboarders, and other lovers of winter sports, in some cases, this kind of snow accumulation can be a huge problem.

Water damage is one of the major problems for home owners this winter. Because of cold temperatures, occasional sunny days, and large amounts of snow, ice damming and leaks can occur especially in houses with improper insulation. Even when insulation is perfectly installed, water damage can still sometimes occur when roofs are exposed to large amounts of snow for an extended period of time.

Outside of Rochester, NY, a family is dealing with this very issue. Ice damming on the roof has caused major leakage through the attic and down into the lower floors of the house. Snow and ice that has built up on outer walls or on the roof can seep in through window frames, floorboards, and ceilings. With some wood flooring water damage can be temporary. It may make the boards bow out but they will usually fall back into place once they dry out. The main problems are with drywall, insulation, and laminate flooring that can be permanently damaged by the water. Another big problem is when water build up is not dealt with in a timely manner. Mold can grow and cause major issues, even health problems for anyone living near it.

Fortunately, Texans don’t have to deal with the kind of winters that our friends in the North East are experiencing right now. However, water damage can be just as bad. Anything from floods and sewer back up to issues with internal plumbing or heating and cooling units can cause problems for you and your home. My go to company in Fort Worth, Tx is a comapny called Fort Worth Property Restoration and you can check them out as they have some helpful information on fire and water damage. www.fortworthtxwaterdamage.com

Being prepared for bad weather and keeping and eye on your home and appliances are both good ways to prevent issues from happening. But sometimes water damage is inevitable and it’s good to find a company you trust to help you resolve the issues.

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