Pest Control and Cockroaches in Fort Worth Texas

One of the most surprising parts of moving to Fort Worth Texas for me was the bugs. The northeast has its fair share of insects and critters but like they say, everything is bigger in Texas, and that is definitely true for the bugs. Besides a few big ones I’d seen in Mexico, I didn’t have much experience with cockroaches. I never had to live in a place where they might pop out at any moment. Or where you’d have to put away all the food in your house, even in the winter, to make sure they weren’t crawling all over it. I had dealt with ants, ladybugs, plenty of mosquitos, bees, and wasps, but cockroaches were new and I didn’t like them. They seem to have an eerie ability to make my skin crawl and to make me shiver and cringe uncontrollably.

At my first house with cockroaches, they were not really a big deal. We probably saw two or three in the year that we were there. I would have rather seen zero, of course, but they were not a constant nuisance and I was not usually the one who discovered them. I never found them in my bedroom and never found them near food. They were usually discovered on the floor in the bathroom or kitchen, scurrying around in their creepy and disgusting way.

My second Texas home, however, was a little different. When we went to look at the house before deciding to rent, we saw a dead cockroach on the floor in the kitchen. It should have been a sign of what was to come, but we thought they had probably just had some pest control guy come and spray and that hopefully that would be the end and we wouldn’t have to worry about them in the future. One of the companies that impressed me the most was Sniper Termite and Pest Control. I would wished I had used these guys.

Unfortunately, we were wrong. It didn’t take long before we realized that the one cockroach we saw dead at our first visit had quite a large family. My husband was frequently startled by my screams at seeing one of the little devils running across the kitchen floor when I woke up to make coffee in the morning. He told me that it was not ok to scream like that when it was just a bug. “Just a bug.” Yes, but also the most disgusting bug that ever decided to crawl and scurry across our planet.

We researched how to control these pests and set up some traps in different places in the house. We probably should have called a local pest control company, but we didn’t know what the cost would be and we weren’t that invested in the property since we were renting.

After a little while, we seemed to have the problem mostly under control. Though every once in a while we’d see one of the disgusting insects crawling along the wall in the living room or (the worst) sticking only its antennae through the drain hole in a bathroom sink.

Fortunately for me, and for my husbands nerves, we are now living blissfully roach free in Colorado. There are fewer critters that can survive the cold winters and arid climate here and so, thankfully, we have less need for all the pest control gadgets and chemicals that we needed before.

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